My own Path to this point began the moment I saw my first tattoo. I was entranced by the color that just wouldn't wash off. From there I began drawing on myself with anything I could get my hands on. My parents fought me until they realized that my phase of flesh-adornments simply was not going away. To compromise they bought me every color of non toxic permanent ink they could find (Sharpies rule!); and thus the flood gates were open.

In every class, during every major event in my life I have had art on me somewhere. As notes in college, a photography assignment in high school, covering my jeans and feet in middle school.


My dream became an official need to peruse when a dear friend passed away when I was 18. Ty William Hughes AKA "Gwar", a proud street punk and free spirit, he was going to teach me how to 'tattoo'; (with a guitar string and Indian ink.) but with all our planning I never got the chance to adorn his skin. It simply wasn't in the cards for us.

Through his transformation into the next life I found the drive to truly begin my search for anyone who would take me on as an apprentice. No one wanted a religious studies/photography student who saw drawing only as a hobby until a couple years ago. I had almost given up the pursuit and was contemplating settling with my secondary calling, (ministry) when my father approached me with an opportunity. A newspaper article on Tattoo schools in Portland. I was struck. Something inside me was screaming: ‘This is it!’

With the support of my amazing family I began my search and after two years of research and paperwork, fundraising and finding a financial backer who believed in my abilities; I began my application to Oregon School of Tattoo Arts. Run by Rio Deginaro.


Rio took me in during September of 2006 after several months of talking about what I wanted to learn and why I wanted to be a tattoo artist. He said I was not the most talented artist he had applying, but I wanted it bad enough and I "Deserved it."
With that pressure adding force to my cause I threw my self full time into the world of Tattoos. Devouring every bit of history and information I could get my hands on. I work on art when the school was closed, checking out books to read my self to sleep. For almost a year I ate, drank, slept, and dreamt tattoos. They were all I needed to sustain my life.
My parents once opposed to skin adornments, now a massive point of support in my quest, always pushing, always behind me, and being nothing if not perfect for my needs to succeed.

210 hours of theory later and 150 hours of practical application, and I received my permanent color technician licensing from the state of Oregon in August of 2007


My Family who drives me...


I would not have fulfilled my ambition if it wasn't for the unflagging support of my dear friends and family. They pushed, pulled, and swore that if this truly was the path to make me happy then I would not give up. They listened to my stressed out ball of uncertainty and watch as I learned the confidence necessary to succeed.
Thank you guys! I love you all more than I can ever explain and I owe you so much more than that.

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