Tattoo: (Ta-tu) Noun,

Etymology: From the Samoan word tatau, to tap.

Tattoo (plural Tattoos):An image made in the skin with ink and a needle.

A method of decorating the skin by inserting colored substances under the surface

A spiritual or memorial expression of a point in one's life

A right of Passage.



I believe that the Tattoo experience is an emotional and spiritual journey; as much as it is a physical endurance trial, and testament to the past. 

You may not be able to remember what you were feeling last month, but ask almost anyone about their ink, no matter how old, and they will tell you where they were in their life.

I believe that I was placed here to adorn the human body with images of its journey. Tattoos are mementos to the rites of passages we endure as creatures of spirit in a physical world.


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